What makes a shot a great shot?

When I see a subject, there are a few things I consider before pressing the shutter. I consider its surroundings -any elements that belong to the scene. I look to see if there are any colors that may complement my subject and see if there are things that can take away from it. The background is also important to consider because you do not want to capture unwanted material that later will take hours to remove, depending on your skill level with Photoshop, for example. I also consider how bright or how dark it is and what details I want to capture when I take the shot. These and many other factors can make a shot a great shot.

It is always beneficial to take the time to examine your subject before pressing the shutter. There may be many other elements that can enhance your subject. For example, there may be a texture wall or a rustic object that can creat a grungy environment for your subject. If you are getting started with photography it is a good idea to examine your subject first. Do not be in a hurry. If the subject is a still object like a statue or an edifice, look around for neighboring objects and elements that can create a scene for your subject. On the photo above, my subject was the vendor’s stations. I took noticed that all three were aligned with each other in a row and that they all had a similar look to them. As I observed the surrounding elements, I considered that it would add to the story I wanted to capture. I noticed that there were people that were apart of the composition and that that could not be excluded. Once I pressed the shutter, I knew I had recorded a moment in history of the vendor’s stations. The elements were apart of the subject and did not take away anything from it.

Next time before you press the shutter, be mindful to take your time to examine your subject more closely. Look for elements that will enhance your overall scene. You’de be surprise what you find.


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