Fenway Park

As a little boy, I grew up in the projects of a small district in the city of Boston, MA called Jamaica Plains. There I learned how to play some baseball with my cousins, although I wasn’t quite fond of the sport. I played hide and seek, freeze tag and kick ball but baseball was something that was prevalent and played a lot. A city that was proud of their ball club was something I was apart of but and didn’t know it. It wasn’t football, hockey or basketball, it was baseball. It was the Boston Red Sox.

This past summer, I went to visit my mom and sis in Boston, Massachusetts. While visiting, my Uncle took my wife and I pass Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox MLB baseball team. Upon passing by, I managed to take some of these pictures. The park was closed because the team was away.

Finally, a picture of my uncle who bought us some delicious spicy sausage right across the street from Fenway Park. He is the one near the table holding the goods. This is a must have when you come here. 




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