Photography for the Holidays 2011 Showcase

This year, I hosted the 2nd annual Photography for the Holidays 2011 photography shoot at The Well Loft in Germantown.

Families all the way from Delaware county to Bucks county and in between, came to be apart of this festive holiday shoot. We provided very ambient light and holiday tunes inside our large loft space. This holiday season, I wanted to keep a consistent theme for the holiday shoots. I used OnOne Suite Pro Fames 4.6 and Photoshop CS5 to create very colorful and Christmasy holiday cards. I used one 32 inch soft box and a white backdrop. I shot in manual mode with the settings 1/125, F8 to F10 with an ISO of 200 to 400. 

Since last year I did not have a website nor was in Facebook, I couldn’t wait to showcase this years holiday cards. Lets take a look at those now. Happy Holidays!


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