Wacom Tablets

PC tablets are perfect tools for creativity, digital implementation and design. They are available to help creative designers  with their projects and add great dimension to their workflow.  Wacom is the  leading in manufactoring PC tablets and they offer many tablets. Let’s take a look at few of the tablets that Wacom offer. 
Wacom creates one of the most effective, patented PC tablets for creative designers today. Wacom provides two product lines of PC tablets.  In this blog, I will briefly give an overview of Wacom’s  Intuos and the Bamboo product lines. 
The Intous product line are more for professionals and creative designer of all levels. They come in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. 
(I dream of one day owning one  but until then, I’ll just blog about it.) 
The Intuos line is designed with a black body with the controls knobs to the left. Each tablet comes with an Intuous digital pen and pointers. I personally like the Intuos line because of the bodily designed and its versatility. It boasts realistic pen pressure sensitivity and one of kind accurate response time. If you want to take your photography, creative design to the next level, Intous is the way to go. For more information, visit their site at Intuos
The second product line Wacom offers is the Bamboo series. Wacom recently released a new Bamboo line of tablets that is more tailored for work, home and small office productivity. Wacom brings you three new Bamboo™ tablets! Whether you are looking to communicate visually with sketches and diagrams, enhance and edit your photos, or pursue artistic interests such as drawing, painting, or animating, Wacom has a Bamboo tablet that’s just right for you.
 If you are a beginner and are in a budget, the Bamboo Capture is your intelligent choice. I like the Bamboo because its still keeps a faithful experience to the Intuos but at a lower cost. I also like the sleek design of the new Bamboo product line. The Bamboo Connect comes with a black body with the controls to the left and it’s only pen pressure sensetivity.  The Bamboo Capture and Create comes with a white finish body and both are pen pressure and touch response sensetivity. For more information about the Bamboo product line, click here.
If you are looking to familiarize yourself with a PC tablet and only need it for home and small office use, the Bamboo line is a budget friendly device that can get you started. If you need more kick and want to experience real pen pressure response sensetivity, the Intuos small or medium can meet that professional need. For additional information of other Wacom devices, visit their website at www.wacom.com.

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