Wedding in Valley Forge

Last month I was hired to cover a wedding. It was my first wedding so I didn’t know what to expect. However, the location the wedding was held at was ideal because it provided me with a vast canvas for me to work with. There was acres of meadows, old mansions, wooden bridges, and other old reminders of what was once a prominent Quaker town. This is a wedding in Valley Forge, PA.

Valley Forge Historical National Park is located in Valley Forge, PA and it frequently visited by tourists and locals. 

Valley Forge National Historical Park is nationally significant as the site of the 1777-78 winter encampment of the Continental Army under General George Washington.

This is where Monika and Jamie said their wedding vows. As it was customary in the 1700’s, when a man and a woman wanted to marry,  they acquired permission from their parents and then would have two witnesses; however, no clergy member would be present. Although most states do not offer self-uniting marriage as an official option, Pennsylvania has recognized such marriages for centuries, due to its Quaker origins. Here are some of the wedding photos.



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