Custom Photo Books

Hey Ish,

Yes, we got the photobook. It is amazing! You did a brilliant job putting it together. Sorry for not responding sooner, but Monika just started a new job at the New York Stock Exchange and I’m in the final stages of preparing for the bar exam. In two more weeks I’ll have a life again.

Thank you so much for your work. The photos are excellent and the photobook is really special! I would be happy to be a reference for you, feel free to have future prospective clients call me.



Okay, so lets say, you hire a very expensive seasonal wedding photographer for your wedding and you only receive a box of 4×6 prints or DVD and perhaps, a nice 11×14 print collage of five or six photo of your special day. That’s nice, but why stop there? With aiphotografics Custom Photo Books, I am able to creatively use the photos I take of the entire event and make a 30 page, 11×13 hard back photo book of your wedding, with custom dust jacket. Each page is custom made by me using InDesign CS5.5 and Photoshop CS5. Printing and binding is provided by 
Here are some spreads of the photo book.



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