Recent work

During this 2011 holiday season, I was able to host Photography for the Holidays at The Well Loft in Germantown. Over ten families participated and bought holiday packages. I posted the holiday cards I created from some of the holidays shoots. Here are some shots I did not use but thought they were good for me include on this page.

This past weekend(9/10/11), I had a client who wanted to celebrate her birthday by treating herself to a personal photo shoot. What I like about this project was that the client did her homework before she came in. I mean, she did a great job posing for her shots. Here are some of those images.

Recently, I decided to explore the world in HDR again but this time using Photoshop’s HDR Pro filters and this is what I came up with:

Some shots from where I work in center city Philadelphia. During lunch, I covered some of the Parkway and Art Museum area. It was hot outside but the clouds were prominent. I used Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop’s HDR toning adjustment tool to create a faux HDR look on some of the images.

These are some images of a recent photoshoot I had for a client. She is going to celebrate her sweet 16th birthday in a few months.